How LingoBot Works

LingoBot is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful.  Here is the basic function:


LingoBot Tutorial Question

Question: What is this word?


LingoBot Tutorial Answer

Answer: one


LingoBot Tutorial Checkmark Push

If you were correct, touch

LingoBot big greencheckmark


LingoBot Tutorial X button Push

If not, touch

LingoBot big x button


LingoBot Tutorial Final

LingoBot teaches you based on your answers so you learn incredibly fast and easy!

LingoBot Search

LingoBot includes a search feature.  You can search for words and tell LingoBot to teach you those words soon.

LingoBot Finished Screen

LingoBot gives you daily lessons of new words and review words.

LingoBot Star Tracking

LingoBot tracks your overall progress.

bronze_star_sharedEarn stars and share with friends.



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wow! thats a big screen